You will come across a number of options while choosing wedding dress for an Indian groom. Read on to explore Indian groom attire/wear.

Indian Groom Attire Trends

Indian Groom Attire
Indian wedding is a grand affair, comprising of lavish feasts, abundant decorations and lots of ceremonies. Throughout the wedding, it is the bride and groom who prove to be the center of attention. This, combined with the fact that it is the most important day of their life, is the reason why both of them spend a lot of time in planning their overall look for the wedding, paying full attention to the dress, shoes, accessories, and the like. In this article, we have listed the outfits that make up the perfect options for Indian groom attire. So, if you want to get some ideas on wedding dress for Indian groom, the following lines will serve your needs perfectly.

Indian Groom Wear

Achkan can be described as a long jacket worn by men, which reaches down to the knees or might even go lower. It is somewhat similar to a coat and has long sleeves. Buttoned in front-middle, the outfit comprises of the traditional men's wear, mainly Hindu and Sikh population, in North India. It is paired with churidars, a tightly-fit trouser, which has a buttoned cuff at the ankle and falls into folds at the end (looking like a set of bangles resting on the ankle) and Punjabi jutti.

Sherwani is another traditional Indian men's wear, which is quite similar to the achkan. However, it is worn over a kurta, is made of heavier fabric and is lined in the middle. It can be teamed with a churidar, khara pajama or even a shalwar, with mojri making the best-paired footwear. Sherwani has a Nehru-style collar and was mainly worn by the men in Uttar Pradesh, apart from the Muslims residing in Hyderabad.

Kurta Pajama
Kurta pajama is yet another traditional dress that is worn by the men in India. It comprises of two pieces of garments - kurta, a loose shirt that reaches below the knees, and pajama, lightweight drawstring trouser. In case of weddings, the outfit is adorned with a lot of embellishments, in the form of golden/silver thread embroidery, zari work, sequins work, etc. These days, designers have also started adorning kurta pajama with crystals.

Jodhpuri Suit
Amongst the popular wedding dresses for the Indian groom, one can always include the Jodhpuri suit. The perfect combination of Indian and western wear, for the groom, it is experiencing increasing popularity with the passing time. It usually comprises of a coat, which has a Nehru collar, is open in the front and has embroidery on the collar and front. It is teamed with trousers and can either have a shirt or a waistcoat underneath.

Western Suit
The rising influence of western countries, on India, is being reflected in the wedding as well. In many weddings of today, you can spot the groom wearing a suit, typically in a black color, with or without a waist coat. Enhancing the appeal of the outfit further are formal shoes, gold/diamond cufflinks, tie pins and brooches. Add a dazzling watch to the outfit and you are ready with the perfect groom look for your wedding.