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Buddhist wedding ceremony unlike other Indian weddings is very simple. Explore the traditional marriage rituals of a Buddhist marriage through this article.

Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

Buddhist Wedding Ceremony
Buddhist Religion is known for its simplicity and the same is reflected in its wedding ceremony also. Unlike most of the traditional Indian wedding, the Buddhist wedding is very simple, without any pomp and show. In fact, the Buddhist wedding does not even include any complex rituals. The Buddhist marriage is based more on faith and belief than any religious foundation. The most pleasant thing about a Buddhist wedding is that other than any matrimonial customs and traditions, they are more inclined towards a sincere effort to create a harmonious relationship.

There is no compulsory ceremony in a Buddhist marriage, it is entirely up to the wish of a couple to go for a registered marriage at court or one of the few Buddhist temples licensed as a legal marriage venue. However, in general a typical Buddhist wedding takes place in two parts, one of them is a Buddhist component and the other is a non-Buddhist component. The first one involves offering hearty prayers along with gifts to the almighty and monks. In this section, a couple is also meant to take vows of faithfulness and understanding. The non-Buddhist component engulfs all the traditional practices followed specifically by the family of the couple which may include a prayer in the spirit house, a feast or any gift exchange.

Pre Wedding Buddhist Rituals
A Buddhist marriage is the simplest possible marriage. There are no religious tangles or mandatory rules and regulations. The entire marriage ceremony is treated as a social affair unlike the other religions which also regard it as a religious affair. The only thing that a coupler needs to do for tying a nuptial knot is to go for a registered marriage at court or one of the few Buddhist temples licensed as a legal marriage venue.

Buddhist Wedding Rituals
Buddhist Marriages ceremonies are one of the simplest possible marriage ceremonies. In a Buddhist wedding, there are no compulsory complex rituals and the entire ceremony is to be decided in accordance with the comfort of the bride�s and groom�s families. As Buddha regarded marriage more as a social affair than a religious one, he did not prescribe any specific religious function for it.