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Wedding ceremony in Maithil Brahmin caste is extremely traditional. With this sections, explore Maithil Brahmin wedding traditions and rituals.

Maithil Brahmin Wedding Ceremony

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. Boasting of being the world's largest democracy, the country is home to various religious communities, tribes, races and castes. Each of the community has its own cultural and social traditions and values, and Maithil Brahmin is no exception to this fact. A sect that lies in the region of North India lying between the lower ranges of the Himalayas and the Ganges River, Maithil Brahmin are known as the highest ranking caste and exercise commendable political power. Another unique characteristic of this cultural group is their extravagant and exuberant celebration. Be it holi, diwali or dusshera, there is a lot of glitz and glamour associated with each one of them. A wedding ceremony in the Maithil Brahmin caste is also a grand affair.

Maithil Brahmin wedding ceremony consists of traditional rituals, which are celebrated with exuberance. The caste believes in the fact that Kanyadan or the gift of a girl in marriage is equivalent to a gift to a god. After the marriage date is fixed, both the to-be bride and groom's family undertake a lot of planning, preparation and organization. The ceremonies performed are not just restricted to the actual day of marriage, but there are a number of pre and post wedding rituals and rites that are practiced. If you want to have a detailed knowledge about the Maithil Brahmin matrimonial customs & traditions, this section would be of utmost benefit for you. We have provided all the traditional marriage rituals performed before, on and after the Maithil Brahmin wedding day.

Maithil Brahmin Pre Wedding Rituals
In the Maithil Brahmin caste, wedding is an auspicious occasion and is marked by utmost fervor and enthusiasm. Just like the other festivities, such as Holi or Diwali, a wedding is an extravagant affair and is constituted by a traditional bent of mind. The whole process starts as soon as the girl in a family becomes young enough to get married.

Maithil Brahmin Wedding Rituals
Wedding is a grand affair in the Maithil Brahmin caste. It is believed that for a Maithil Brahmin, Kanyadan or the gift of a girl in marriage is equal to a gift to a god. Having their own cultural and social traditions, the marriage ceremonies involve several steps or rituals that start from the pre-wedding period and extend till the post wedding period.

Maithil Brahmin Post Wedding Rituals
Maithil Brahmins belong to the lower regions of the Himalaya Mountains and the River Ganges in the North-Eastern India. The highest ranking caste, wedding ceremonies in Maithil Brahmins is celebrated with a high spirit and great pomp and show. Enthusiasm and extravaganza mark the wedding traditions and rituals.