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Wedding accessories form a very important part of the overall look of the groom. With this article, get tips on choosing Indian groom accessories.

Accessories For Groom

Accessories For Groom
In a wedding, bride and groom are the holders of maximum attention. There is not even a single person in the guests list who doesn't look at them. Thus, it is very necessary for both of them to look their very best, on the D-day. In comparison to the bride, a groom has lesser options for adorning himself. However, he is not completely devoid of them altogether. One of the main adornments for the groom comprises of the accessories. He can enhance his overall look to a great extent, by choosing the right accessories. In case you are going to become a groom very soon in the future and are looking for some help in relation to wedding accessories, the following tips will surely prove useful.

Wedding Accessories For Groom

When talking about wedding jewelry, most of the people think of it in terms of the bride. However, in India, the grooms also wear jewelry. It usually comprises of a Kantha, which can be described as a long necklace that is made of beads and white pearls. Apart from that, he may wear a gold chain, adorned with a pendant (of gold, diamond or precious stones) and even a pearl string. Other jewelry options for the Indian groom include gold rings and bracelets.

Shoes can completely make or mar the overall look of a person and the same rule applies in case of the groom as well. The type of shoes he has to buy will depend upon the type of outfit he will be wearing at the wedding. In case of Indian outfits, like sherwani, achkan or kurta-pajama, a Punjabi jutti, mojri or kolhapuri chappal, adorned with embellishments, will work the best. With suits, formal shoes, in black or brown, will be the perfect option.

In an Indian wedding, pagri comprises of one of the most important accessories for the groom. Traditionally, pink has been the color of the groom's pagri, with cotton being the fabric used. However, the changing times have brought about changes in the pagri as well. These days, grooms go for red-colored pagris as well, in different patterns, like leheriyas, tie dyes, or self woven brocades. Chunri, zari and gharchola are some of the fabrics used for pagri.

Other Accessories
Cufflinks comprises of the most common accessories worn by the groom, whether he is wearing a sherwani, achkan or western suit. Majority of the Indian weddings also have the groom wearing a sehra, a kind of veil, which is tied to his pagri. Along with that, watch is also an accessory that is opted for, by almost all the grooms. In case the groom is wearing a western suit, he can always go for accessories like tie pins and brooches.

Some General Tips