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Marwari marriage is a spectacular event, typified by elaborate rituals & traditions. With this article, explore traditional Marwari wedding ceremony.

Marwari Wedding Ceremony

Marwari Wedding Ceremony
Belonging to the Marwar region of South Western Rajasthan state in Western India, Marwari is one of the richest classes of people of India. The sect boasts of some wonderful cultural and ritual traditions that are totally different from those performed by other religious communities in the rest of India. On comparing marriage rituals of the different regions in India, Marwari wedding traditions are the most unique and distinctive ones. Wedding ceremony in the Marwari class is held on a grand spectacular manner, with much pomp and gaiety. Traditionally, the wedding rituals performed stretch to days before and after the main ceremony day.

Marwari weddings are an extravagant affair and this can be proved with the authentically impressive Decor, sumptuous feasts, expensive attires, lustrous ornaments and elaborate wedding ceremony. The festive galore of the ceremony is visible right from the time, when the marriage of the to-be bride and groom is fixed. Right from the engagement ceremony to the welcoming of the baraat, the wedding ceremony and the griha pravesh, which held after the wedding, the list of the rituals and traditions performed seem endless. To get detailed information about the ceremonies performed pre, per and post Marwari wedding, read through this section.

Marwari Pre Wedding Rituals
A Marwari wedding is characterized by lavish decoration, elaborate rituals and sumptuous feasts. Marriage ceremony for the marwari caste is a grand affair and is marked by great festivity and good cheer. Apart from the rituals and customs performed on the wedding day, there are a number of traditional practices done before and after the wedding.

Marwari Wedding Rituals
Flamboyance, resplendent and grandiosity marks a Marwari wedding ceremony. Large number of people attends the marriage parties and a festive mood prevails in the wedding place. Right from the lavishly decorated and adored marriage banquet hall to the huge list of eateries, every aspect of a Marwari wedding is reflect the grandeur of the event. Royal and majestic, the wedding is a replication of ostentation and pomposity.

Marwari Post Wedding Rituals
If you thought that a wedding ceremony in the marwari caste ends with the wedding day ritual, you are in for a surprise. Wedding is an auspicious occasion and is marked by extensive rituals and customs that start days before the D-day and extends to a day or two after the marriage day.