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A wedding, be it Indian or English, is incomplete without the playing of top love songs. Let us explore the list of popular English wedding songs.

English Wedding Songs

You meet so many people in your life, but it is only one of them with whom you fall in love. The acquaintance turns into friendship and the friendship gradually takes the form of love. After spending considerable time in courtship, you finally decide that it is the time to take your relationship to the next level and get marred to the love of your life. A wedding requires so many preparations, on the part of the groom as well as the bride. Right from the decoration to the menu to the dress that the bride and groom will be wearing, everything demands time (and rightly so). After all, your wedding will not take place again!

An important part of the wedding preparations comprises of the music. You need to select it with utmost care, while making sure that it goes with the overall theme and mood of your wedding, at the same time appeals to the sensibility of all the guests as well. In this context, one of the best options will comprise of the English wedding love songs, which go with the main mood behind the marriage - love! In case you are confused as to which songs to go for, we are here to help you out. In this section, we have listed some of the most popular English wedding songs, along with their lyrics. Just go through them and take your pick.

Everlasting Love
Loving someone opens your heart to the most beautiful feeling in this world. You feel that, overnight, the world has become a lovelier place and consider yourself fortunate to be alive and be able to experience such a feeling. If the person loves you in return, you become sure that you are the luckiest guy/girl on this planet.

From This Moment
Wedding brings two people close for life. They spend the rest of their existence with each other, being there for their better half in happy times as well as in sad moments. The song 'From This Moment', sung by Shania Twain, expresses this very thought only. The singer promises to always be there for her beloved, giving him everything and caring for him every moment.

Let's Stay Together
When you marry a person, your promise him/her a lifelong companionship, an affection that will last forever! You promise to be true to him/her always, love him/her unconditionally and be there for him/her now and forever. A very similar thought have been presented in the song 'Let's Stay Together' as well (sung by Al Green).

Me and You
When you fall in love with someone and that love culminates into marriage, you feel as if you are on the seventh heaven. The world seems to be a place full of love, happiness and contentment. In case you feel like conveying these feelings to your better half on the wedding day, what better way to do it than by playing a song for him/her! In this context, you will find the English wedding song 'Me and You', sung by Kenny Chesney, to be the perfect choice.

Sweet Happy Life
A wedding comprises of so many aspects, right from the pre-wedding bachelor/bachelorette party to the wedding-day rituals to the post-wedding dinner. Then, there is yet another aspect that occupies an important place, but is overlooked by many people. It comprises of the music.