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Tilak ceremony is held a few days before the marriage. It is an important function so the Decor also should be something special.

Tilak Decor Tips

Centered on the groom, tilak is a pre wedding ceremony and signifies that the prospective groom is affirmed by the father of the to-be bride, for his daughter.   Mainly held at the groom's residence, the members from the bride's side bring gifts for the groom and his family in the form of fruits, sweets and clothing. Traditionally, the bride and her mother do not attend this ceremony. Mostly, it's the male family members and relatives of the bride, who attend the function. The Decor of the function usually varies according to the regions, as each region has its influence on the Decor. Since weddings, today, are mostly organized keeping a theme in mind, the decorations for the tilak ceremony also adheres to the same theme. To get tips on how to decorate the house for the tilak ceremony, read through the following lines.

Tilak Ceremony Decoration