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If you are hosting lady sangeet party, then the Decor should be attractive. Explore tips and ideas for decorating ladies sangeet party, in the article.

Sangeet Decor Tips

Predominantly a ladies-only affair, sangeet is an important pre-wedding ceremony observed in different parts of north India. It is a fun occasion, wherein the close female relatives of the bride and the groom gather at their respective places, to celebrate it. The conventional way of celebrating lady sangeet is to sing traditional songs related to the auspicious occasion of marriage. Female relatives of all ages, from the teens to the old married woman, dance to the tune of the songs sung by the elderly female relatives and family members of the bride (at her place) and the groom (at his place). The songs are accompanied by playing dholak, the traditional drum seen in north India.

With the passing time, the way of organizing ladies sangeet has also changed. The lady sangeet pre-wedding ceremony has taken the shape of a party, wherein traditional singers and dancers are called upon to entertain the guests. Booking a DJ for the occasion is a hot trend, especially among the city dwellers. Therefore, ladies sangeet is not just a private affair of close female relatives, but a celebration that involves the participation of the kids and in some cases, the male acquaintances as well. People take special efforts to adorn their homes with decorative items, so that the place looks just like a party venue. Here in this article, we have provided you some ideas for ladies sangeet Decor.

Ladies Sangeet Decorations Ideas