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Do you want to make the Decor of your wedding mandap attractive? If yes, then check out the ideas and tips for decorating mandap, in the article.

Mandap Decor Tips

Mandap Decor
Traditionally, Hindu weddings are solemnized at a well decorated mandap - a four-pole canopy erected at the center of the stage. Although the Decor of the mandap varies from region to region across India, the basic concept remains the same - to bless the bride and the groom, who tie the wedding knot. Mandap is erected at the wedding venue, primarily to conduct rituals like tying the mangalsutra, pheras and exchange of garlands (jaimala). However, in the present time, apart from the wedding rituals, pre-wedding ceremonies, such as engagement, are also conducted at a mandap. Therefore, the canopy holds significance, since it forms a part of the Decor of the important rituals of wedding. If you want to decorate a wedding mandap, then check out the article. In the following lines, we have given some ideas for mandap Decor.

Wedding Mandap Decorations Ideas