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Kalash and thali decorations are vital for an Indian wedding, because they are the symbols of shagun. Check out ideas about kalash and thali Decor.

Wedding Kalash And Thali Decor Tips

Wedding Kalash And Thali Decor
The ceremonies and rituals performed in Indian weddings have certain social significance. The rituals that are performed before, during and after the wedding symbolize the physical, spiritual and mental unison of the couple, who has tied the wedding knot, as well as the special bond between the families of the two. To indicate the union, certain things are used as 'symbols' of shagun for the ceremony. These include kalash and thali. The symbols indicate the strong tie between the newly married couple as well as their families. If you want to get some ideas for decorating your kalash and thali, this article will be handy. Go through the following lines and get some ideas for kalash and thali Decor.

Decoration Ideas For Kalash and Thali

Kalash Decor
Thali Decor