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Indian wedding without wedding songs is just unimaginable. Here are list of some all time favorite wedding songs.

Indian Wedding Songs

The foot tapping songs, beat of the Dhol and string of the Tumba - it is just the ideal setting of an Indian wedding ceremony. In Hindu custom and ritual, music plays a very important role, be it any festival or wedding ceremony. Music not only adds to the festive mood, but also makes the wedding function more lively and special. With music in the background, you can surely add a special sparkle and fun to the wedding festivities. However, much depends on the kind of music you choose for the different occasions. There are different kind of music for all the wedding ceremonies like sangeet, mehndi, main day wedding and vidaai ceremony.

Sangeet party is a popular practice among the Marwaris, Gujaratis and Punjabis and is mainly involved with traditional dance. The playing of dholki by relatives and friends are common at both the bride and groom's house. India is a land of diversity and has a rich culture and heritage. Every region of India has its own traditional wedding songs that definitely give a new dimension to the wedding celebration. In wedding, you can either choose from hit bollywood numbers or opt for traditional regional wedding songs, popularly known as folklore. In case you are looking for some popular wedding songs, look no further. In the following lines, we have provided the songs that are sure to spice up any wedding place.

Wedding Songs