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The trend of theme wedding is new in India. In case you are planning one, explore some handy tips for theme weddings through this article.

Theme Weddings in India

Wedding celebration is an event of a lifetime for all Indians. Everybody wants to make his or her wedding ceremony special. They want to celebrate the function in such a manner that it will be remembered for long time. The most recent trend that has come in fashion to make a wedding ceremony special is a �theme wedding concept�. Basically, a theme wedding is arranging and execution every aspect of a wedding based on a particular theme. Though this trend was not popular in India five years back, in recent years it has caught the fancy of lots of people. In case you are planning to give your weeding a particular theme, you can go for options like romantic theme, fantasy theme, fairytale theme, royal theme to name a few. Here are few tips for how you should go for a theme wedding.

Planning a Theme Wedding