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Before the wedding the bride has to go through various pre wedding preparations for the D-day. Here are some pre wedding bridal packages.

Pre Wedding Bridal Package Tips

There was a time when the would-be brides used to resort to simple home remedies, like using turmeric paste or neem paste, for bringing that extra glow on their skin. Today, they go for pre-wedding bridal packages, which might last anywhere from one day to one month, to get that perfect look on their D-day. The brides of the present times want to leave no stone unturned, to make sure that on the wedding, not even a single eye manages to turn disapproving. Keeping the heavy demand in mind, the beauty salons have also started offering a wide range of pre-wedding bridal packages, suiting every need and budget. In the following lines, we have given an idea about the basic package that you will get at any of the salons out there.

Pre Wedding Skin Care

There will hardly be any pre-wedding bridal package today that does not involve at least one facial. The exact facial that you are beautified with will depend upon the type (oily, normal or dry) as well as the condition (with a few pimples, riddled with acne or spotlessly clean) of your skin. It is advisable to go for facials that contain honey, mint, apple, peaches, strawberries, cucumber or any other product that provide essential nutrients to your skin.

Unless and until you have some problem with beach (say you are allergic to it or have a very sensitive skin), bleaching is something that you will be exposed to, in a pre-wedding bridal package. It helps make your facial hair less visible (by turning them golden-brown) and also gets rid of the tanning. In case you are using bleach for the first time, make sure to apply it a minimum of 10 days before the wedding, lest it doesn't suit you.

If you are going for a pre-wedding bridal package, be sure that it would include waxing. You might either opt to get only your legs, arms and underarms waxed or go for complete body waxing; the choice will be entirely yours. However, make sure to get the waxing done from an experienced person, otherwise it might result in great pain. Usually, waxing is done a day before the pre-wedding functions are about to start.

Manicure & Pedicure
Manicure can be described as a cosmetic beauty treatment, undertaken on the hands and fingernails of a person. In most of the cases, it involves the cleaning and massage of arms as well, up to the elbow. Pedicure, on the other hand, is the cleaning and massage of the feet and toenails of a person, along with the legs, up till the knees. Both of them end with the filing of the nails, giving them shape, and application of the nail polish.

Threading & Body Massage
Threading as well as body massage also forms a part of the pre-wedding bridal package. While threading is undertaken a day before the pre-wedding functions are about to start, body massage is usually done a day before the wedding. This is because the massage helps a bride get over the stress that she had been facing, as a part of the pre-wedding ceremonies. Getting the massage a day before the wedding leaves her full refreshed and ready for the ceremony.