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There are various occasions before the wedding day when the bride has to do some light make up. Here are some ideas on light party make up tips for the bride.

Party Makeup Tips For Bride

An Indian wedding comprises of a large number of functions, which start with the engagement, are followed by tilak, sangeet and, mehendi, and end with the D-day ceremony and reception. A bride has to get ready for each one of them in such a way that she looks apart from rest of the crowd. However, she also has to make sure that she does not end up looking the same on her engagement as well as the wedding. The best bet to ensure this does not happen will be to go for a bit heavy makeup on the D-day and opt for light makeup on the other ceremonies. In case, you want to get some party makeup tips for the bride, Indian or not, the following lines will prove handy.

Light Bridal Party Make-Up
Some Tips