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Oriya wedding rituals and customs start before the wedding day. To get detailed info about the Oriya pre marriage ceremonies, read this article.

Oriya Pre Wedding Rituals

The simple lifestyle of the people of Orissa reflects in the occasion of marriage as well. Oriya wedding can be defines as a simple affair, free from any complexities and lavishness. However, even the simplest of weddings in India have a riot of rituals and ceremonies that are practiced, and Oriya wedding is no exception. There are a number of rituals that are performed in Oriya wedding, before the actual marriage day. These rituals are as important as those performed on the main day. The pre wedding rituals mostly begins with the worship of Lord Jagannath (incarnation of Lord Krishna). If you want to know more about the traditional Oriya rituals performed, check out the following lines.

Oriya Pre Wedding Customs

Jayee Anukolo Ceremony
Jayee Anukolo ceremony marks the commemoration of marriage rituals. This is followed by the distribution of invitation cards. The first card is sent to the family deity or to Jagannath temple at Puri. The second invitation goes to the bride and groom's maternal uncle.

Mangan Tradition
In the Mangan tradition, people bless the bride and then apply turmeric paste on her body. This is followed by the bride's ceremonial bath. The tradition is mainly performed for the beautification of the bride for her D-Day.

Diya Mangula Puja
Diya Mangula puja is conducted at the Devi's temple. At time time of the puja, prayers are offered to the divine being of the temple. The bride's bangles, toe ring, sindoor and sari are offered by the female barber to the Goddess and the blessing for a long and successful marriage is invoked.

Barajatri & Baadua Pani Gadhua Custom
The bridegroom along with his marriage procession arrives at the wedding venue with much pomp and gaiety. This is known as Barajatri. On the arrival of the baraat, the groom is greeted with aarti or tilak, of which rice is an essential component. In the Baadua Pani Gadhua custom, the girl's side informs the bride that the baraat has come. Thereafter, arrangements are made for her holy bath.