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Oriya post wedding rituals & customs revolve around the new bride. Go through this article, to know more about Oriya post marriage ceremonies.

Oriya Post Wedding Rituals

Weddings are all about traditions and rituals that are spiced up with much enthusiasm and fervor. Talking about Oriya wedding, a blissful affair, the ceremonies in the wedding of this particular class of India, do not end with the wedding day. Instead, there are some important traditions that are carried out even after the wedding day. These rituals and customs performed are known as post wedding Oriya rituals. Apart from the newlyweds, the family members of both the partners play a dominant role in the post wedding rituals. To get detailed information about the traditional post wedding Oriya rituals, browse through the following lines.

Oriya Post Wedding Customs

Grihapravesh Tradition
The bride, along with her husband, leaves for her new home, where the groom's family gives them a warm welcome. This is known as Griha-pravesh. Brides in Orissa are considered to be a representation of Goddess Laxmi, who eventually with her entrance, bring a lot of wealth and prosperity for the family. On the entrance, a vessel filled with rice is kept. The bride needs to spill the grains on the threshold of her new home with her right foot.

Astha Mangala Custom
According to this custom, on the eighth day after marriage, the newly weds visit the bride's home, where yummy mouthwatering food is served. This is known as Astha Mangala custom.