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There are interesting Post Wedding Rituals and Customs after traditional Gujarati Marriage Ceremony. Read on to explore more.

Post Wedding Gujarati Rituals

A celebration of a typical Gujarati marriage does not end with the solemnization of marriage at the bride�s place. In fact these celebrations go ahead for next few days with the celebrations at the groom�s home after the arrival of bride at his place. The Post marriage ceremony begins with the Vidai (biding adieu) ceremony of the bride from her home and last with the reception ceremony of bride at the groom�s place. Here is a systemized list of the post wedding Gujarati rituals.

Vidaai means a formal exit of the bride from her father�s home. This ceremony marks the beginning of a completely new life for the girl with new people and new relations. The bride is formally bid adieu with lots of best wishes and tears of separation. Generally the brother of the bride accompanies her to the main exit of the home along with other relatives and finally gives her hand in her husband�s hand.

Ghar Ni Laxmi
This is the first ritual after the bride reaches the groom�s home. As the bride is considered to be Ghar Ni Laxmi i.e. a form of Goddess Laxmi, who brings wealth and good luck to a family, she is welcomed with aarti. At the entrance of the house, a vessel filled with rice is placed. The bride is asked to knock down the vessel with her right foot, spilling some rice. This ritual is said to mark the entrance of Goddess Laxmi in the home.

Aeki Beki
After the bride comes inside the groom�s house, the bride and groom are seated and arrangements are made for the playing of Aeki Beki. To play this game, a vessel is filled with water, which is colored, by putting sindoor and milk in it. After that, a ring and several coins are put into it. The bride and groom are then asked to find the ring. Whoever finds the ring 4 out of 7 times, will rule the household.

Reception is the formal introduction of the bride to the family and relatives of the groom. This is like a grand welcome ceremony of the bride to her new family where she is introduced to every relative of her new family. She is greeted by gifts and blessings of the elder one�s of the family in this ceremony.