Here is presented information on Gujarati wedding attire. Check out Gujrati wedding wear for bride and groom.

Gujarati Wedding Attire

Indian wedding is characterized by elaborate rituals and traditions. A grand affair, marriage is an essential step towards oneness, taken by both the bride and the groom. The weddings in India usually are extravagant and splendid events and are distinguished as a large festival that is usually celebrated over a span of a week. Rituals and traditions make an important part of the wedding ceremony. These rituals make the ceremony sanctified and thus, are given a lot of importance. Hectic preparations and organizations define any Indian wedding. Since India is a land of diversity, every region has follows its own culture and traditions.

The state of Gujarat in India is rich in culture and heritage and hence wedding sin Gujarat are strongly bound to the roots of the culture and traditions. Right from the rituals followed to the attire worn, every aspect of a Gujarati marriage reflect the tradition prevalent in the state. People in the Gujarat adore themselves with colorful attires in weddings celebrations. Gujarati wedding attire exhibits glimpses of their rich culture. Talking about the Gujarati wedding bridal wear, most Gujarati girls choose to wear a sari that is draped in the proper Gujarati style, while the groom is mostly seen in dhoti kurta, the tradiotional wedding attire. In short, Gujarati marriage is a classic example of ethnicity, in which people dress up in beautiful rainbow colors.

For Bride
Ethnicity is the key, when it comes to Gujarati wedding attire for the bride. Traditionally, saree has been the ideal ethnic dress for a bride, draped in a Gujarati style, coupled with traditional jewelry pieces, in a Gujarati wedding. Talking about traditional Gujarati saree, there are two basic types - the Panetar, a white sari with red bandhini border and the Gharchola, traditional red bandhini sari crisscrossed with woven gold squares, enclosing bandhini motifs. Though red is considered as the most auspicious color for the bride, with the changing times, contemporary color and designs have become hot favorite option. Traditional bandhini saris in old rose, jade green, peach etc. with zari borders are making way as the most picked bridal wear. Designer bridal lehangas available in different shades are gaining momentum as well. Stylish and chic looking, these lehangas are luring more and more girls into buying them for the special day of their lives.

For Groom
In a traditional Gujarati marriage, grooms opt for dhoti kurta. Cream, fawn and lemon yellow are the most preferred color choice for the groom. To spice up the look, he can also wear a red colored Bandhej dupatta around his neck. However, in the present times, traditional attire is giving way to the modern styled attire. The main effect of this is seen in metropolitan cities, wherein the traditional ethnic clothing has taken a little back stage. More and more men prefer exploring the western wear category. Formal suits have become the ideal choice of the town. As such, for the modern men, the fashion designers are coming up with designer Gujarati wedding bridegroom wear, such as indo western kurta pyjamas, so that traditional and ethnic wears continue to dominate the wedding scene.