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The post-wedding rituals of Telugu marriage are short and crisp. Explore the article and read about Telugu post-marriage customs and ceremonies.

Telugu Post-Wedding Rituals

The post-wedding rituals observed by the Telugu speaking people in India are very charming to look at. After the wedding ceremony is over, the bride enters the groom's house formally. She is given a hearty welcome by the groom's family members. The uniting of mangalsutra takes place after a fortnight. Although the post-marriage rituals of a Telugu wedding are limited to two, they symbolize a lot of meaning and are something that should not be missed out. In fact, they mark the peaceful culmination of the wedding and the delightful commencement of a new family life. Here in this article, we have discussed about the Telugu post-wedding rituals.

Telugu Post-Wedding Customs

After the culmination of the wedding ceremony, the bride is formally taken to the groom's house. This is called grihapravesh of the bride. As she steps into her new home, she is welcomed by the groom's family members, including his mother and close relatives.

Uniting The Mangalsutra
Grihapravesh is followed by a ceremony, wherein the mangalsutra is united. As a customary, the Telugu speaking people unite the two mangalsutras (which was tied by the groom around the bride's neck), on a common thread. This ritual is done sixteen days post wedding. This ritual can be performed by either the groom or an elderly member of the family. A few black or golden beads are slipped between the two 'plates' of the mangalsutra, so that they do not clash with each other. The unison of mangalsutra signifies the harmony between the two families. After the ceremony is over, the bride takes a bath and wears a new sari.