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The Tamil post-wedding rituals are as colorful and vibrant as the marriage. Check out the Tamil post-marriage customs and ceremonies in the article.

Tamil Post-Wedding Rituals

After organizing an enthralling wedding ceremony, the family of the bride and the groom head towards preparing the venue for the post-wedding celebrations. While grihapravesh is the post-marriage custom common in almost every region in India, the Tamil Brahmins have their own way of culminating the auspicious ceremony. Apart from grihapravesh, wherein the bride enters the groom's house formally in order to prosper his life there, many other rituals are exclusive to the Tamil-speaking Brahmins in India. Learn more about the Tamil post-wedding rituals in the article.

Tamil Post-Wedding Customs

Sammandhi Mariyathai
Depending upon the financial status, the families of the newly wed couple exchange gifts and clothes, to mark the culmination of the wedding. This custom is popularly known as sammandhi mariyathai.

Laaja Homam & Paaladaanam Custom
The bride's brother offers popped rice to the groom, which he offers to the holy fire. By doing this, the couple seeks the blessings of Agni that represents the divine power and light of God.

As a part of Paaladaanam custom, the couple seeks the blessings of the elderly members of the family by touching their feet.

After the completion of wedding ceremony, the bride is taken to her husband's house. Aarti is performed to welcome the newly married couple, as they stand at the doorstep to enter the home. Thereafter, a lavish feast is served at the wedding venue, when the newly wedded couple returns from home.

Reception Party
To facilitate intimacy, the groom's family hosts a reception party in the evening. People bless the newly weds and convey them their heartiest wishes. This is the time, when family, friends, relatives and faraway acquaintances attend the reception party to shower blessings, gifts and best wishes on the newly married couple.