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Read about pre wedding Sindhi rituals including Kachchi Misri & Pakki Mishri ceremony, Berana Satsang, Mehendi, Santh custom & Saagri Tradition.

Sindhi Pre Wedding Rituals

Sindhi weddings take place amidst a lot of pomp and show. A lavish affair, the weddings are mostly colorful and traditional. Once the horoscopes of the prospective bride and the groom are matched, the date of the wedding day is fixed. Customs and rituals are not just restricted to the D-Day. In a Sindhi wedding, there are a lot of traditions that are performed well ahead of the wedding rituals. These rites start right from the time the prospective bride and groom's family agree for the association. To get detailed information about the pre wedding Sindhi rituals, browse through the following lines.

Pre Wedding Sindhi Rituals

Kachchi Misri
Kachchi Misri or Kuchcha shagun is the first formal ceremony that takes place, after having the approval of the prospective bride and groom's family. In this ceremony, mishri and coconut is given to the girl/boy. It signifies that he/she is the one.

Pakki Mishri Ceremony
Pakki Mishri ceremony is the formal engagement that takes place one week prior to marriage. Close friends and relatives are present in this occasion to witness the exchanging of rings between the to-be bride and groom.

Berana Satsang
A satsang called Berana is organized ten days prior to marriage. It is conducted in the name of the Sindhi God, Jhulelal. It signifies the beginning of the wedding ceremonies.

The to-be bride's hands and feet are adorned with beautiful mehendi patterns. It is during this ceremony that all the female members in the family get together and sing traditional wedding songs. On this day, the to-be bride and groom are asked to wear their old discarded apparels, after the mehendi ceremony is over. These clothes are then wrapped and thrown into the sea.

Santh Custom
In the Santh custom, seven married ladies apply oil to the girl's head. This custom takes place on the night before marriage. An earthen pot is placed before the bride and she is asked to break its cover in one go. If she is successful in doing so, it is considered to be a good sign.

Sangeet party
Sangeet party is held at the bride's place, which she gives to her friends as a maiden. Similar to a bachelor's party, it is dominated by excellent music and traditional as well as modern dances.

Saagri Tradition
Saagri tradition involves the showering of flower petals on the bride. This ritual takes place in the evening time, when the groom's married sisters and cousins visit the bride's house with the jewelry made from mogra flowers. They help her wear a silk sari. They prettify her with the flower jewelry. In the nighttime the bridegroom visits the bride's home, where he is welcomed with garlands. A special feast is prepared.

Ghari Puja
Ghari Puja is performed in the bride as well as groom's house by the priest. In this, prayers are done using rice, coconut, wheat grains, oil, betel nuts, turmeric and a number of other spices. Married women grind wheat, which symbolizes the prosperity of home. The bridegroom offers a handful of grains to the priest.

The groom along with his relatives and friends start the procession from his house to the bride's place. Amidst singing of ceremonial wedding songs and dancing, the baraat reaches the wedding place where they are welcomed by the bride's parents and relatives.