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Explore more about the Punjabi Post marriage ceremonies, full of interesting Post Wedding rituals and customs.

Post-Wedding Punjabi Rituals

Punjabis love celebrations. Their marriage ceremonies are thus extremely grand and elaborate. Even after few days of marriage, the celebrations at the groom�s and bride�s places are on. The post wedding celebrations start right after the solemnization of marriage at the Mandap. Preparations for Vidaai and Ashwirwad ceremony go hand in hand. Once the couple is blessed by all the elderly people at home, the brother of the bride accompanies the couple for Vidaai to the main exit of their home. The celebrations after Vidaai takes place at the groom�s place except for the Pag Phere Ceremony at the bride�s home the next day after marriage. Read on to explore more�

Vidaai Ceremony
In the Vidaai ceremony, the bride departs from her parental house and bids goodbye to her parents, friends and relatives. While leaving the home, the bride throws back handful of puffed rice back at the main exit of her father�s home as a token of her father�s prosperity and good luck. Thereafter, she boards a beautifully decorated car and heads her way towards her new home.

Swagat Ceremony
After the marriage is over, the bride is welcomed at the groom�s house. She is welcomed by her mother in law at the entrance of her new home by putting the sarson ka tel (mustard oil) on both the sides of the entrance door. Then, a traditional aarti of both the bride and the groom is performed. Thereafter, the newly wedded couple goes to the pooja room and seeks the blessings of God.

Mooh Dikhai Ki Rasm
Mooh dikhai is the formal introduction of the new bride to the rest of the family. The mother-in-law gives the bride jewelry, cash and gifts. It is a ceremony to facilitate intimacy. The other relatives also give presents and cash to the bride.

Reception Ceremony
To make the bride feel at home, the groom�s parents usually throw a reception party. It is an occasion, where the newly wedded couple is given a warm welcome by all. It does not have an ancient origin. Infact, it is a western concept that is gaining popularity in India too.

Pag Phere
As a part of Phera Dalna ritual, the newly wedded couple visits the bride�s house on the next day after marriage. Usually, the girl�s brother comes to take them back to his home. The bride�s parents prepare a special lunch. Also, the newly weds are given lots of gifts and sweets. This is actually a formal introduction of groom to the bride�s family.