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The Muslim post-wedding rituals are conducted soon after the marriage. Learn about Muslim post-marriage customs and ceremonies, in the article.

Muslim Post-Wedding Rituals

In India, wedding is something that cannot be restricted to a single-day celebration. People in different communities, following different religions, have their own way of honoring the newly wed couple, post marriage. The post-wedding rituals followed by Muslims are divided into four phases, wherein the bride is bid goodbye by her family and is welcomed to her 'new home', by the groom's family. All the four phases of the rituals are filled with touching moments. If you want to know more about post-wedding rituals followed by Muslims, then go through the following lines.

Muslim Post-Wedding Customs

Rukshat Ceremony
With tearful eyes, the bride�s family and friends bid her goodbye, before she leaves for her house with her husband. The bride�s father places his daughter�s hand in the hand of his son-in-law and requests him to take good care of his dear daughter.

Welcoming The Bride
Giving a warm welcome to her daughter-in-law, the groom�s mother raises the Quran above her head, as she enters her new home.

Chauthi Custom
Chauthi custom takes place on the fourth day after marriage, in which the bride visits her parental house.

Valimah Ceremony
Valimah ceremony is the lavish reception party that the groom�s family hosts for welcoming the bride. It is an occasion that aims to facilitate intimate relationships between the two families.