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In Marwari class, wedding rituals and customs extend even after the wedding day. Read on to know about Marwari post marriage ceremonies.

Marwari Post Wedding Rituals

If you thought that a wedding ceremony in the marwari caste ends with the wedding day ritual, you are in for a surprise. Wedding is an auspicious occasion and is marked by extensive rituals and customs that start days before the D-day and extends to a day or two after the marriage day. While the pre wedding ceremonies lay the foundation or base for the wedding day, ones performed after the wedding are mostly performed to break the ice and make the new bride comfortable in the new environment and the new house. Right from the bidai when the bride leaves for her new house to games played after the griha pravesh and the pagelagni tradition, when she gets friendly with the new family members, the rituals performed have both religious connotations and amusement. To know more about the traditional post-wedding Marwari rituals and ceremonies, explore the following lines.

Marwari Post Wedding Customs

Bidai Ceremony
In the Bidai ceremony, the bride, with tearful eyes, bids good-bye to her family, friends and close relatives. At the time of Bidai, a coconut is kept under the wheel of the car. It happens before the bride takes off her veil for her husband. At this moment, usually the bridegroom presents a piece of jewelry to his wife.

Bar Rukai Ritual
Centered on the sister of the groom, in this ritual, the newly weds are not allowed to enter the house. The bride and groom, together, need to pay the sister, either in cash or in the form of a gift. Only after she receives her gift, they are allowed to proceed to the grihapravesh custom.

Grihapravesh Custom
When the newly weds reach their house, the bride is welcomed by the groom's family. This custom is known as Grihapravesh. Thereafter, a lot of games are played so as to break the ice and make the bride feel comfortable in her new house.

Pagelagni Tradition
Pagelagni tradition is followed the next day after Grihapravesh. In this ceremony, the bride, still in veil, is introduced to the bridegroom's family members. Everybody comes forward to bless her and present gifts. After that, the veil is finally taken off.