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The Malayalee post-wedding rituals are very charming to look at. Learn about the Malayalee post-marriage ceremonies and customs, in the article.

Malayalee Post-Wedding Rituals

Malayalee post-wedding rituals are limited to grihapravesham and traditional feasting, which makes the entire ceremony a very brief one. The one-day-long wedding is also followed by feasting at the bride and thereafter, at the relatives' places. Brief though, it is very touching to see the bride enters her 'new home', prosper the groom and his family's life. In addition, the eyes are often filled with tears, when the bride departs from her maternal home. Check out more information on the Malayalee post-wedding rituals in the following lines.

Malayalee Post-Wedding Customs

Generally, the reception is organized by the groom's family, soon after the wedding. However, nowadays, due to convenience, the reception can be held few days after the wedding. Family, friends and faraway acquaintance join in the reception to wish and bless the newly wed couple.

After tying the nuptial knot, the newly wed couple head towards the home of the groom. There, they are welcomed by the parents and family members of the groom. The sister-in law or the maternal relative of the groom welcomes the bride, with aarti. Thereafter, she hands over the traditional deep to the bride, who enters her 'new home', formally. Soon after grihapravesham, the bride and the groom are offered a sweet mixture of banana and milk, by their elder ones.

Visit To The Bride's Place
A day after the wedding, the bride and the groom, along with a couple of relatives of the latter, visit the former's house. A lavish feast is organized at the bride's house, to serve the guests. This is followed by a series of visits to the relative's home (of both the bride and the groom), where they are served with lip-smacking feast.