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Maithil Brahmin marriage occasion extends to post wedding rituals & customs. Explore the post marriage ceremonies in Maithil Brahmin caste.

Maithil Brahmin Post Wedding Rituals

Maithil Brahmins belong to the lower regions of the Himalaya Mountains and the River Ganges in the North-Eastern India. The highest ranking caste, wedding ceremonies in Maithil Brahmins is celebrated with a high spirit and great pomp and show. Enthusiasm and extravaganza mark the wedding traditions and rituals. Apart from the customs and ceremonies that are performed on the actual day of marriage, there are a number of rites practiced before and after the D-Day. Post wedding ceremonies in Maithil Brahmins have an important significance and implication. The customs usually are wishes that the grooms family perform for the long life, fertility and prosperity for the newly weds. In the following lines, we have provided detailed information about the traditional post wedding rituals, customs and ceremonies that are performed in a Maithil Brahmin marriage.

Post-Wedding Maithil Brahmin Rituals

Sindurdan Custom
The completion of saat pheras is followed by the performance of Sindurdan custom. As a part of this custom, the husband applies sindur or vermilion on his wife's forehead. Sindur remains in the woman's hair parting, till her husband lives. Sindur symbolizes her auspicious wifehood.

Durbakschat Ceremony
Durbakshat ceremony is performed by the Brahmin men, in which they sprinkle husked rice on the newly wedded couple. This gesture represents their heartiest wishes for the fertility and prosperity for the newly weds. This ceremony takes place either on the same day as marriage or on the next day.

Chumaon Tradition
In the Chumaon tradition, the women wave a tray containing ethnic objects over the couple. Marriage rituals take place at the bride's house for about four days. Thereafter, the couple leaves for their home, where new life is awaiting them.