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Maharashtrian pre-wedding customs and ceremonies are colorful and full of bliss. Explore the pre-marriage rituals of Maharashtrians, in the article.

Maharashtrian Pre-Wedding Rituals

The Maharashtrian wedding is a ceremonious occasion filled with colorful rituals, which mesmerizes the spectator. The pre-wedding rituals are as lively as the wedding itself, which is an important turning point in every one's life. The pre-marriage ceremonies of the Maharashtrian wedding are organized to honor the couple, who are soon going to live a new life. Prior to the marriage, the bride and the groom are pampered in a number of ways, such as, applying turmeric powder and showering of gifts. In the article, we have given comprehensive information about the Maharashtrian pre-wedding rituals.

Maharashtrian Pre-Wedding Customs

Sakhar Puda
Sakhar puda, a pre-wedding ceremony, involves the exchange of a packet of sugar between the families of the prospective bride and groom. However, in the present time, the engagement ceremony is only known as Sakhar Puda, which takes place one or two days before the wedding day. In this ceremony, the groom�s parents present a sari to the bride. This symbolizes that the girl has been accepted in the groom's family. Her hands are accessorized with beautiful green bangles.

Kelvan is a puja, which is conducted to offer prayers to their Kuladevta (the family deity). It takes places in the respective houses of the bride and the groom, a few days prior to the wedding. All the relatives and family members of the bride and the groom are invited to the ceremony, which is followed by feasting.

Simant Puja
It is a traditional ritual, in which the groom�s family visits the girls' residence. On their arrival, the groom's family is welcomed warmly. Special lunch is prepared for them.

Halad Chadavane
On the day before wedding, the turmeric powder paste is applied to both the bride and groom at their respective houses by their family members and relatives. This is known as halad chadavane or the haldi ceremony. In order to apply the haldi, the bride is made to sit on a small table. She then receives a blouse piece and coconut in her sari's pallu, after which, haldi is applied all over her body.

Seemaan Pooja
Seemaan pooja is conducted right after the procession of groom arrives at the bride's place. During the puja, the bride's parents wash the feet of the groom; welcome him and his family members. The groom is rewarded with gifts, such as gold chain, watch or ring, by the parents of the bride.