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Kashmiri post wedding rituals is a grand affair. With this article, explore Kashmiri post marriage customs and ceremonies.

Kashmiri Post Wedding Rituals

Weddings pose as a great time for enjoying and making merry. It gives ample of opportunity to re-bond with all the relatives and rejoice the union of two individuals. One of the vital features of a Kashmiri wedding is the pre, per and post wedding traditions practiced. Apart from the ritualistic practices and the religious obligations that are performed on the wedding day, there are a number of traditions that are specifically practiced after the marriage ceremony is over. In Kashmir, Satraat ceremony Phirlath ceremony and Roth Khabar are three of the most essential customary practice practiced. To get information about each of the three ceremonies, browse through the following lines.

Kashmiri Post Wedding Customs

Satraat Ceremony
In the Satraat ceremony, the bride visits her parental house in the evening time. Usually, she is accompanied by her husband and a few kids. The newly wedded couple is presented new attire on this occasion.

Phirlath Ceremony
It is the same as Satraat ceremony, but it takes place during the second time the couple visits the bride's parent's house. This time also, they are given a set of new clothing.

Roth Khabar
In Roth khabar ritual, the bride's parents send a freshly baked traditional cake to their daughter's house on the Saturday or Tuesday after the wedding. It is brought to the girl's house by her brother. When he goes back, his sister as in the bride also accompanies her. In fact, she stays at her parents' house for a few days and comes back to her house, when some one from her in-laws family comes to take her.