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Explore more about the Jain Pre-marriage ceremonies, full of interesting Pre-Wedding rituals and customs.

Pre Wedding Jain Rituals

Jain Wedding is a simple yet ritualistic phenomenon. The Jain community believes in simple solemnization of the nuptial knot with the blessings of almighty and elders. Before the actual wedding takes place, a series of traditional pre-wedding rituals take place in a Jain Community to make the auspicious beginning of the new relationship. Rituals like Laghana Lekhan and Lagna Patrika Vachan are done in order to match the horoscopes and decide an auspicious time for marriage of the prospective couple. The Laghana Lekhan and Lagna Patrika Vachan are then followed by a formal engagement called Sagai. If you are keen about knowing the pre-wedding rituals of a typical Jain Marriage Ceremony, you can go through the systemized list of pre-wedding Jain rituals given below�

Laghana Lekhan
In Laghana Lekhan, small puja is held in the prospective bride's house. Close relatives and friends are invited to attend the puja. It is during this puja that an auspicious time for marriage also known as lagna or mahurat is determined. It is usually done by the priest. In the end, the lagna patrika or letter indicating the wedding time is sent to the prospective groom's house.

Lagna Patrika Vachan
The Lagna Patrika Vachan is then read out at the boy's residence. This can be done either on the day of engagement or some other auspicious time. After the groom has done Vinayakyantra puja, the priest reads out the letter.

Sagai usually takes place in the groom's home. The groom wears the traditional Jain headgear, washes his hands properly and performs the Vinayakyantra. After the completion of Vinayakyantra puja, the bride's brother puts tilak on the forehead of the bridegroom. He also presents him a gold chain, a ring, clothes, coconut, sweets and money. Thereafter, the lagna patrika is given to the bridegroom. Usually, it is the priest, who reads out the lagna patrika. The groom then seeks the elders' blessings.

Mada Mandap
Mada Mandap is the next important pre wedding ceremony after Sagai. It usually takes place one or two days prior to wedding. It is held at the bride as well as groom's residence. All the religious rituals are performed by the priest.

Barati & Aarti
In the Barati ritual, the bridegroom's marriage procession is received by the bride's family. The bride's brother applies tika on the groom's forehead. Also, he presents coconut, money, sweet and clothes to the groom. The bridegroom also puts tika on the forehead of the bride's brother and gives him a coconut. Married ladies in the bride's house perform the traditional aarti. All the ladies get together and sing the Mangala Geet.