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Traditionally, Indian wedding rituals & customs are performed in a mandap. With this article, get info and Decor ideas about wedding mandap.


Today, Hindu weddings are celebrated on a large canvas. People are mostly influenced by the lavish portrayal of wedding ceremonies in Hindi movies. The Indian wedding normally is a four to five days affair and each day has a special significance and role. Just like the pre wedding functions such as sangeet, mehendi and engagement are celebrated in a grand manner, so is the main day wedding. These are also celebrated on a grand scale with lots of glitz and opulence.

Indian Wedding Mandap
In a traditional Indian wedding, the main day function is usually held at the bride's place. However, these days, garden areas, parks and farm houses are mostly preferred, as wedding venues. These open spaces are not only big but also pose to be the ideal location. The place where most of the wedding ceremony is held is a colorful and beautifully decorated mandap. Mandap can be explained as a canopy that is supported by four pillars. It is the stage for the wedding function. The mandap is mostly decorated in a traditional way and reflects the theme of the marriage. It is in the mandap that all the marriage rituals are performed.

As a sign of prosperity, the mandap is mostly adored in red and golden color. The four pillars of the mandap symbolize the parents of both the bride and groom. The pillars portray the vital role that both the parents have played, in bringing up their children and guiding them in time of need and despair. The wedding ceremony takes place in front of the sacred fire in the mandap, which is a witness to the wedding ceremony. According to Hindu tradition and custom all Hindu weddings should take place in mandap or canopy.

Mandap Decor Ideas